Created by two music technicians, EMISON Acoustic has the philosophy of satisfying the demands of the most demanding of audiophiles.
Our history of manufacturing recording studio acoustic speakers has led us to design more powerful systems for concert use.

The aim is to offer all listeners, wherever they are in the audience, the criteria of dynamics and neutrality essential to our philosophy.
Research and Development

To find solutions to these problems, 7 years of research  on the principles of coupling LINE SOURCE systems were necessary. 

The first prototypes of our line source were presented to sound engineers in 2007.
The report, of the general opinion shows a strong potential:
  • A studio quality  sound. 
  • A very long throw of the high mid-range part. 
  • A low horizontal detimbrage. 
  • Very good behavior under the column and behind it. 

As a result of this basic research work, 4 years were required to create a range of Line source 6", 10" and 15" and a set of Point Source, Subwoofers and Wedges models to cover all needs on a concert.

The first live uses take place from 2011 with the main findings:
  • The characteristics of our line source greatly reduce the acoustic problems of the concert venues. 
  • Dynamics and neutrality make the system totally transparent even at very high power. 

Registration of an invention patent concerning our line source and start marketing in 2014.

Our loudspeakers are manufactured  from birch plywood panels assembled and covered with a black topcoat.
This ultra-resistant and waterproof protection is called POLYUREA.

The selected speakers are all manufactured by the European leaders in this area.

The choice of integrating amplifier and DSP into our models has been carefully considered.
  • The advantages in terms of quality of sound reproduction with long distances between the diffusion points are undeniable.
  • Transport and installation simplified by the absence of amplifiers rack. 
  • The autonomy of each speaker and the impossibility of wiring error ensures optimum reliability. 

The amplifiers and DSPs built into our systems are manufactured by POWERSOFT, the world leader in class D technology with PFC power.
This technology provides low power consumption while developing high audio output power.

All our models are also available on request without amplification.